Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Add a Whitewater Adventure to your trip!!!!

When it is time to explore off the Sapphire Valley property, check this out:

You must include a whitewater rafting experience during your High South mountain adventure this year!

We just updated HighSouthAdventures.com with some options for you to review. Check out these great companies and view videos from each!

[High South Whitewater Fun]

2021 Planning Experience Suggestions!

We also just updated our 2021 suggestions for your mountain adventure! Train rides, Zip Lines, Where to Eat, and much more!

[View the 2021 Experience Guide Here]

About our
Black Bear Favicon:

Did you know
the black bear is the only bear species found in North
Carolina or anywhere in the eastern United States?

See our Bear Hunt video,
learn more about black bears and safety precautions you
should know. 

[About Black Bears]

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