Monday, January 17, 2022

High South Media Update...

all the area snow fall and activities at the area’s top web cams:!

High South Media Network Regional Update:

will continue to repost the National Weather Service statements for another day
or two.

Western North Carolina:


A winter storm affected much of the region with ice, snow,
and sleet yesterday. Roads became wet and slushy as temperatures warmed Sunday
afternoon, yet many of those roads have become icy again this morning. Slick
driving conditions will persist before temperatures rise above freezing between
10 am and noon. Although some melting is expected this afternoon under abundant
sunshine, some secondary or shaded roads may remain treacherous throughout the
day. Areas of black ice will develop again tonight and make for hazardous
driving conditions for the Tuesday morning commute.

Transportation agencies are advising the public to stay off
roads this morning unless necessary. Any motorists that do venture out are
urged to use extreme caution. If a road looks wet, it likely is covered in a
thin sheet of ice.

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North Georgia:

Black ice is possible this morning over north Georgia where cold
temperatures have allowed lingering moisture to freeze. A Special Weather
Statement is in effect across this area through 9 AM.

Strong winds of 15-25 mph gusting 30-35 mph are likely today
across n
orth and central Georgia. A Wind Advisory in effect until 7 PM.  

.DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Tuesday through Sunday...

There is a chance of some wintry precipitation across the area late
Thursday through Friday night. There is great uncertainty this far out in the
forecast so please monitor future updates. Otherwise, no other hazardous
weather is expected.

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