Sunday, October 18, 2020

October in Sapphire Valley!

October in Sapphire Valley!

A busy month in the Blue Ridge / Smoky Mountains!

1st: For the star gazer:

October includes two full moons, Mars is in opposition (so you can see it clearly in the night sky), and the Andromeda Galaxy will be visible through our clear mountain air. [Learn More at] image:

2nd: For the leaf looker:

Mid-to late October -  Sapphire Valley will see an extended leaf color season. As of the 18th many oaks and other trees still have green leaves so we can expect a splash of color until the end of the month. Read more about our fall color timing here: [App State Fall Color Report] image:AppState

3rd: For the hiker / photographer: 

Cool to cold nights, 30 degrees this morning, help create some amazing images over water. ‘Dancing Smoke’ on Fairfield Lake, see above, is one of our favorites! River fog is seen almost every morning as the colder air generates fog off the warmer river temps. image:

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