Sunday, November 1, 2020

Sapphire Valley and acorns.. a record year!

That light "crash" we continued hearing on our
roofs and decks in Sapphire Valley all of October was probably falling acorns from an oak tree, likely a red oak.

For weeks leading up to Tropical Store Zeta ripping thru the
valley, acorns fell in enormous numbers. There were times it was hazardous
to walk outside without at least a hat on to break the impact of a potential
acorn hit!

The volume of oak acorns that fall every year can vary
widely and impacts life itself for all the creatures that feed on these nuts.
This year is a very good year!

Bears, deer, and other critters, for example, squirrels,
chipmunks, mice, and a few fowls will pig out on the oak acorns and be prepared
for the upcoming winter.

According to one local resident in Sapphire Valley, 2020
will go down as the best acorn crops in over 15 years.

Technicians shipped off fix a breakdown in a microwave
antenna saw that the cover appeared distorted. When they removed it, this video
shows what happened. Reports claim squirrels stored the nuts, but others believe
it was an acorn woodpecker which stores nuts in high places!

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